GlassWalls: Shining a Light on Domestic Abuse

The first panel depicts the early response to domestic abuse in Scotland but also conveys the emotional cost of reporting. Over the next few weeks we will be unveiling the second and third panels in the triptych to show Scotland’s progress and depict more of women’s experiences

Welcome to GlassWalls, a collaborative community project, aiming to raise awareness of domestic abuse through beautiful art and inspirational women.

The hummingbird beats her wings 12 times in every second.  She is hard-working, energetic and vital.  The constant activity of the hummingbird evokes Emily Dickinson’s description of hope as “a thing which perches in the soul and sings a song without the words and never stops at all.”

Stained-glass art has a strong narrative history.  Traditionally used in church windows, it told stories at a time when few people could read or write.  It is used here to tell a story which has not yet been properly heard.  The symbolism of shining light on a topic which remains in the shadows makes glass a powerful medium to tell this story.

The stained glass hummingbird logo represents the beauty, resilience and hope of the women who have survived domestic abuse and are involved in this project.

Delve into these pages to learn more about the project and the people behind it and please follow our progress on Twitter: @GlassWalls3 or join the conversation #beyondglasswalls

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Find out where to see the exhibition on the project page.