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Thursday 10th March – Book Launch!

We are holding a book launch in Parliament Hall, Edinburgh on Thursday 10th March, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, with keynote addresses from the Lord Justice Clerk and the Lord Advocate. Register via Eventbrite.

Monday 29th November – Book Publication!

Proceeds from sales will go to the Daisy Project to fund GlassWalls art classes

It was very special to be at the Daisy Project on Monday morning when this book was published. It charts the law and policy in England and Wales, and Scotland to tackle gender-based violence and domestic abuse; and it tells the stories of amazing women who reported abuse and the barriers they faced through the justice response. Without women’s voices, there would be no book. I’m so grateful to them for their bravery and for sharing their stories. Published by Emerald and available to buy on Amazon. Find out more here.

Celebrating 16 Days 2021 – Together Again, Monday 29th November

It feels like a long time since we were all in a room together, so Monday was a special day. The women of the Daisy Project have had some really tough times during lockdown, although the Zoom art classes have been welcome. They have been busy in those classes (more to follow) but one question our artist-in-residence asked was: “What inspired you and gave you hope during lockdown?” Recalling the words of Emily Dickinson and the inspiration of our own logo (see homepage), hope is key. On Monday we exhibited their lockdown images of hope and ate cake and laughed. For more images visit our gallery.

Images of hope during Lockdown

31 July 2020

Well, the glass was supposed to be on display in Crown Office for 5 days, not 5 months! We hope that its extended stay means that those prosecutors covering courts during lockdown had an opportunity to reflect on the panels and their message. We also hope that it brightened up their day in a building echoing from the quiet. For now, the exhibition has been safely stored at Wasps studios and will remain there until Covid restrictions are lifted.

09 March 2020

The installation is in Crown Office this week! The Crown Agent is hosting the exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. Brilliant awareness-raising for prosecutors and fantastic to showcase the completed panels.


What’s New? Actually not much. But it’s good to be honest about that. When we don’t have something exciting and shiny and new to report, it’s easy to go under the radar and stay quiet, but that’s when communication breaks down and we start to feel forgotten about. So, here is the update. We have some exciting invitations for the exhibition, but our funds are running low (it costs money and incurs risk every time we move it) and we have been focussing attention on getting the second and third panels finished and finding a permanent home for the exhibition. We will still be going to Edinburgh late February (dates tbc) and will hopefully have an update soon on the longer term plan and some new events. Meanwhile, the comforting chatter and earnest concentration resumes on Monday mornings with women gathering – a calm oasis – to learn the new skill of stained glass art.


Happy New Year! We are excited to have the installation in The Briggait until 24th January. Please pop along and see it.


Launch event today in Glasgow City Chambers. Honour to have both the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General there, with the Lord Advocate giving an opening address. It was powerful to know that when the women from Daisy Project stood up to speak that they were being heard by Scotland’s Law Officers. They spoke eloquently and articulately about their experiences and what GlassWalls meant to them. It was wonderful to hear music from the fabulous Dr Jo Scott – singing music written by the women. More to follow!


We were on BBC Radio Four’s Women’s Hour with the wonderful Jane Garvie this morning! Listen again here


Media coverage in today’s Sunday Post as part of their report on #16Daysof Action


We were at the Scottish Parliament! I wish I could post a picture of the women from Daisy Project all looking fabulous in their Daisy blouses. Watching them see the glass panel for the first time – that was the photo of the day. One day they won’t need to be anonymous and it will safe to post their photographs, but for now, here is their amazing work. None of these women had ever done any stained-glass art before this autumn. You can click on the link to watch the debate and hear their words.

Here is the link to the debate in the Scottish Parliament for 16 Days of Action – proud to hear the women’s words being read out in the chamber and MSPs invited to view our exhibition
The women’s beautiful daisies on display in the Scottish Parliament


Today I was back at University of Glasgow, where I carried out the PhD research to present my findings to the Gender-based Violence Forum. Great discussion about the ongoing barriers in the civil court…still work to be done! You can see my slides by clicking on the resources tab.


We have launched a crowdfund!! We are so grateful to all of our supporters, but creating such a large scale piece of art using traditional methods and quality glass is costly. I have been overwhelmed by the positive response we have had to this project. It’s humbling how many people believe that this is a good idea and that we can make it happen. Last week, one of the women taking the art classes told my dad: “this has helped me at the most difficult time.”

Imagine if we could lend voice to her and other women with this art installation…..

Can you help? Every small donation will make a difference. When the churches ran out of money making the original stained-glass windows, they left a pot by the window for the community to add a penny. Crowd-funding is the modern way of involving the whole community in making a vision reality. Here is the link: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/glasswalls-shining-light-on-domestic-abuse-1

Thank you x


At the V&A Dundee on a glorious sunny evening for the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences Impact Award – very proud of GlassWalls for being commended in the final ten!

It’s so important that academic research has an impact in the local community and is relevant to everyday lives.


Happy International Women’s Day! Beyond proud of the women at the Daisy Project who won a competition to exhibit their first stained-glass collage of daisies at Glasgow School of Art. Whoop Whoop! It was a great event organised by Uncovered Artistry to promote art and creativity by women who have been victims of gendered violence. The women were v excited to see their collage at the exhibit. An uplifting and inspiring day.


“Each piece represents a woman’s story of survival and bravery.”

We are in the newspapers!! Thank you very much to the lovely Catriona Stewart (@LadyCatHT) who took lots of time to listen to our wonderful women and has written a reflective and sensitive piece. Check out The Herald and the Evening Times. Here’s a picture of the marvellous Charlie (aka my dad) and our fabulous artist, Brian:

“I said to Charlie, you were the light of my life coming.”